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Logistics Security


The BES Group programs are based on leading edge practices and technology currently used to protect supply chains worldwide using personnel skilled in providing these services. Each program is tailored exclusively to suit the nature of your operations, organizational culture and specific requirements.

Port with stacks of cargo containers and craneAdditionally, we provide expertise in Risk / Threat Assessments, assessing all aspects of your supply chain security operations including:

  • Secure product pickup and delivery protocol
  • Communications, notification and reporting protocols
  • Escalation/response

BES works with management and key employees to assess the risk / threat levels your supply chain may face, identify vulnerabilities and recommend proactive solutions for your operations, products and locations.

Accountability, visibility, consistent security practices and standardized physical security measures are the key to a secure supply chain, thus minimizing the potential for loss or supply chain interruption.

  • Program Compliance/Loss Avoidance: We will audit and provide continued training to reduce losses and negative customer impact.
  • Physical Site and In-Transit Security Services

BES can provide layout design for security with direct consideration to operational productivity wherever your product may reside; warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities or in-transit locations.