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Business Continuity and Crisis Management


BES Group has established a sound and comprehensive Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Management program. In today’s global business the risk of business interruption due to government instability, terrorism, natural disasters, etc. has escalated to a degree of urgency. Coupled with regulatory impact of Sarbanes Oxley, publicly traded companies are mandated to have a well established Business Continuity Plan in place to protect their stakeholders.

sandstorm looms over buildingWe will assist your business to establish plans that have the capability to offset the effects of a disruption of business operations in a timely and cost effective process. We can provide a well-designed, comprehensive strategy for continuing business when critical process failures are encountered.

  • Establish a complete and comprehensive Business Continuity and Crisis Management program
  • Complete analysis of processes, geographic locations and business interruption impact
  • Training at all locations
  • Recommend software application
  • Annual review and auditing of the plans